1. And as always. We would buy the game and wait for course play, GPS etc. I wish it was less Arcady and more like a simulator.

  2. wow, I hope the graphics are better than what they are on the screen behind them. Those almost look worst than fs19! Things they 100% have to do:
    1. WAAYYY better graphics
    2. fps caps at 60, 100, 120, 144, 200, and 244. Tired of capping at 60 in fs19
    3. Better AI for workers.
    4. Obviously more equipment and everything we all want.

  3. Ok, so if we need anything, it would be for multiplayer. If there are mods, hopefully there is a button or something that allows you to add all mods for download instead of having to search them up.

  4. Wish they would add the feature where you have to move animals around into different fields as they use up the grass. This would add functionality to dogs as well.

  5. I can almost guarantee you it will be like all the others in the series. Handling and vehicle physics will still be trash, AI will still be trash, but there will be slightly updated graphics and textures. This company has been squeezing blood from the same turnip for a decade, what makes you think FS22 will be any different?

  6. If they have better AIs that work on irregular/rounded fields, the vehicles actually feel weighty and don't fly all over the place and the horses are improved, then I'd consider buying it.

  7. This definitely makes me a bit more excited for the game, quite some decent improvements, like deeper colors, more 3d texturing on many things in the game, just makes it that bit more interesting, also great to see older tractors, something most have been waiting for, great to see

  8. What I think they need to add for me to buy the game.
    1. Make linking mods on multiplayer (and old save files) an easy process.
    2. Fix lag problems once farm gets big.
    3. Driving mechanics are garbage.
    If they don't fix these they should just give it up.

  9. I read somewhere that the season are locked to 3 day per season. This is quite a serious slap to the face. The current season system is configurable (I play 9 days season in the current FS19). Removing feature is never welcome … personally it will kill the immersion for me. I like having the time to synch in the mood of the season …like taking a break over the winter to do some logging. But 3 days … everything will fly too fast. Huge let down for me…

  10. I feel like the graphics wise the game looks better in 19. Then it does in the 22 model. But less harsh of the shadows

  11. i realllly do not like the coloring in this game it looks way too bright and vivid FS19's lighting was perfect and realistic this is just a downgrade back to fs17/15

  12. Will this have workers that will load off combine and go to tipping area on its own without have to do the job all yourself?

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