Fallout 4 Character Creation – Gameplay Part 1 – Bethesda 2015 E3 Showcase – Fallout 4 Preview [PC]

Here’s Fallout 4 character creation. We see face customization and player customization. This is Fallout 4 part 1 of the gameplay.

Fallout 4 release date is November 10th 2015. Fallout 4 is an upcoming game being developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda…
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  1. After coming from MGSV and The Witcher 3, I will honestly say that these skin textures and facial animations make me cringe, then again I'm not surprised since the engine they're working on is several years old.

  2. Umm holy shit? Go to 0:30 and watch behind them for a few secs, something runs past the doorway behind them shortly after he says beard or no beard 0.o

  3. I'm not really liking Fallout 4 yet. I really think that Fallout 3 is better at the moment. The only thing I like in Fallout 4 so far is the characters ( They look better than Fallout 3's). I possibly think that I'm not comfortable with Fallout 4's graphics because in Fallout3 and in Fallout New Vegas the graphics looked the same, and now the graphics look totally different! Hopefully Fallout 4 is good though.

  4. Since you can edit both male and female characters, I thought you could find your couple and play with him/her too, like you can play as Trevor, Franklin and Michael in GTA V. Of course Todd wouldn't say that in E3, and it's just my speculation. I would like to have two characters in the same game, it would be a good experience.

  5. Finally, some good looking presets in a game xD
    I was wondering when a developer would allow us to chose between more than just 'what the fuck is that' and 'KILL IT WITH FIRE'.

  6. nice smooth facial hair haha where is the texture?! it looks like it was just painted on and why is there no depth to his ears? its just a flat surface. hahaha and people say this game has AMAZING graphics…. this game needs better texture. the only thing that looks good is the lighting

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