F1 22 Gameplay: FIRST EVER RACE LAPS! Manual Pitstops & Manual Grid Formation! NEW F1 Sprint Mode!

Exclusive Direct-Feed F1 22 PC Gameplay, talking the new Handling & Tyre Model, New Manual Grid Spot Formation Lap, Manual Pitstops, & our very first laps ever of the Miami GP! Thanks to EA Creator Network
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00:00 Intro
00:21 Very First Lap of Miami
01:00 New Race Engineer!
01:50 Manual Grid / Formation Lap
02:41 New Broadcast Formation Lap
03:23 F1 Sprint at Miami Race Gameplay
05:00 New Broadcast Pitstop
05:43 Miami GP Race Gameplay
06:55 Manual Pitstops
07:26 Miami GP Race Gameplay Cont.
09:26 Wet Miami GP Race Gameplay
09:53 Engine Sounds RAW
10:26 Outro

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