F1 22 Gameplay: FIRST EVER RACE LAPS! Manual Pitstops & Manual Grid Formation! NEW F1 Sprint Mode!

Exclusive Direct-Feed F1 22 PC Gameplay, talking the new Handling & Tyre Model, New Manual Grid Spot Formation Lap, Manual Pitstops, & our very first laps ever of the Miami GP! Thanks to EA Creator Network
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00:00 Intro
00:21 Very First Lap of Miami
01:00 New Race Engineer!
01:50 Manual Grid / Formation Lap
02:41 New Broadcast Formation Lap
03:23 F1 Sprint at Miami Race Gameplay
05:00 New Broadcast Pitstop
05:43 Miami GP Race Gameplay
06:55 Manual Pitstops
07:26 Miami GP Race Gameplay Cont.
09:26 Wet Miami GP Race Gameplay
09:53 Engine Sounds RAW
10:26 Outro

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  1. Always annoyed me that the steering wheel doesn’t match up with the wheel angle when exiting the pits, still not right in this game, why won’t they fix this

  2. Nice video bro just 1 thing I know you probs don't care but your logos right in the middle of the screen is annoying af lol maybe just make it a lil more subtle

  3. After watching Baku I'm wondwering, Is the porpoising and bounching hit through the wheel violently?!?

  4. i really hope they fixed the poorly scanned drivers, and the reporters horrible haircuts, those really annoyed me in my playthroughs, 2021 and she looked straight out of 2012

  5. So the same shit we have had year after year? Stop buying this trash so the devs will make the shit better

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