Explosive Commander Showdown | Extra Turns #17 | Magic: The Gathering EDH Gameplay

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Show Notes:

The Command Zone is now a WAR ZONE! Cast and crew members Jimmy Wong, Jake Boss, Jordan Pridgen, and Ashlen Rose bring some of their favorite high-powered decks to the table, ready to draw their weapons and charge towards glorious victory!

It’s Volo vs Jodah vs Esix vs Zara


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Deck Lists:

Jordan’s Zara:

Ashlen’s Esix:

Jake’s Jodah:

Jimmy’s Volo:



Directed by: Jake Boss & Josh Murphy
Edited by: Terry Robertson
Post Production Supervisor: Josh Murphy
Produced by: Josh Lee Kwai and Ashlen Rose
Additional Editing by: Josh Murphy
Special FX and GFX: Terry Robertson
Director of Photography: Jake Boss
Sound Mix: Josh Murphy


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  1. The most important thing to come out of this video is the fact that Jake actually pronounced 'gyre' correctly. Why do so many MtG Youtubers and Streamers get this wrong?

  2. Why is no one talking about Ashlen misplay of Voidslime?? She cant cast it! She had 1 generic from sacrificing the eldrazi token, 1 colorless from waste and blue/green from simic signet which cost 1 generic mana to activate! Voidslime cost GUU! Where is the 2nd blue?

    Oh hold on! Now that I look at her lands again, the Wasteland was alone outside of the rest of the lands on 1 shot before she casted Voidslime! But now, after casting Voidslime, instead of wasteland there's an island! Did you guys agreed that she will change her tapped land? This seems very fishy! Especially that you guys didn't even mentioned it! It's her fault for tapping wrong mana!

    8:52 played wasteland
    9:18 wasteland changed to island

    I know this is probably just a miscalculation by Ashlen and you guys agreed to let her reorder her lands and edited it out but at least mention it because it looks shady play.

    12:30 Jordan revealing that Jammy has counterspells is not cool. The cards in Jimmy's hand are supposed to be known only to Jimmy and Jordan that looked at them. Jordan essentially gave the other 2 players heads up about counterspells from Jimmy. Not cool.

  3. When he said jodah and then eldrazi, I'm like, oh your that person this episode. I only get my ass kicked already from this deck from my friend. I hate that commander, with a passion

  4. Dang I wasn’t going to watch this one just because I hate Simic so much haha. But all these eldrazi are to much to miss. My least favorite color combo with my favorite creature type. Ashlens decks are probably my favorite to see with all those eldrazi 😂

  5. I'm confused. Ashlynn paid 4 for thran dynamo, and used dynamo to play simic signet, then she played a Waste. then somehow she had Voidslime mana up for Jake when he used sisay? doesn't make sense.

  6. At 10:05, when Ashlin used Void Slime to counter Sesai's trigger, I thought she only had a waste as her only untapped land, but then it looks like it turned into a island? Assuming she did a take backies because otherwise she wouldn't have had the right color fixing for the Void Slime.

  7. So, im only 25% through this video but im dying because I JUST built a deck that's a hybrid of Ashlen's AND Jakes decks (it's a Big Mana Eldrazi Token hybrid with Jodah as commander) , so I get to see the best and worse of all angles of the deck XD. Thank you TCZ! This was so random!

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