Exclusive Look At Saints Row's Opening Missions | New Gameplay Today

Get an exclusive look at some of the opening missions from the Saints Row reboot in this episode of New Gameplay Today.

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  1. I’m happy they are doing this and taking it back to the days of saints row 1 and 2. People are really saying that saints row 3 and 4 were good? Lmfaooo what? They totally fix the story arch give us amazing graphics and brought back the saints row that the majority misses… stfu with the “bland” shit if you think this game is bland then you must really hate GTA and RDR

  2. Woulda preferred a Sr1 or 2 remake tf is this.. can tell they’re working hard but this ain’t what the fans want and the crazy thing is they know that. Definitely waiting for a sale.

  3. Wtf man… Saints row use to be about gangbanging, killing cops, gang wars, nd shit like that… Now we have some college kids that "need to pay their rent" so they rob some place??? Like wtf who is making these games now in what world does any of this make sense. What fucking gang banger would ever worry about "paying their rent" or "paying there college loans" this is hella sad man..

  4. I was really looking forward to this “reboot” if you want to call it that. But after seeing this, it legit looks like a continuation of the over the top silly crap that just killed the franchise in the first place! I’m so disappointed that the developers don’t even recognise what a mistake they’re making

  5. Please, give them an euphoria engine
    Everything is great or at least ok, but that ragdoll system and stupidly big healthbar that makes you look at how dudes do "auch" after firing a shotgun at them and behaves as if nothing had happened – this is torture for my eyes
    And guns sounds is boring
    More realistic to this crazyass madness, please

  6. Where’s all the gangs and Stuff like that that’s when it was fun this looks like a Child’s Game mannn bring back Pierce,Shandon,Johnny GATT, The whole squad and it will be better

  7. 1&2 Me please every time . The whole sims like gaming environment isn’t what Im a fan of . Bruh back the Original gaming setup

  8. Game actually looks fun but no idea why they decided to set it in the desert…boring and generic choice of location

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