Evil Dead: The Game – Exclusive Demon Gameplay (4K)

We’ve seen how the living do it, but what about the other side? Join GI for another exclusive 4K look at Evil Dead: The Game, but this time from the perspective of the Demon who’s hunting Ash and his group of survivors. Does it pay to be bad? You’ll have to watch to find out.

If you want more from our coverage of Evil Dead: The Game, be sure to check out our other exclusive gameplay video featuring the survivers:

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  2. One thing that really stands out for me in this game is that BOTH sides look genuinely fun to play. In some of the other asymmetrical games, i often find myself gravitating to one side and ignoring the other because i don't find one of the sides enjoyable. For example, Friday the 13th. I don't enjoy counselor at all but I really enjoy playing as Jason. Same with Resident Evil Resistance. I liked playing as the mastermind but not so much the survivors. This game looks like it absolutely nails the balance and i can totally see myself putting tons of hours into both sides like i do with Dead by Daylight. Really looking forward to this 🙂

  3. Pelo que vejo só quem pode jogar são os youtubes famosos comprei baixei mas não funcionou que ótimo e uma maravilha

  4. Looks like a great game to buy at a 60% discount a month and a half after release 😂 the imbalance between survs and demon is definitely worrying

  5. Why do I feel like that are doing a bad job at promoting this game, barely any gameplay. No commercials running and most of the video for thus are only getting 500 views. We need the player base to keep this groovy train rolling

  6. Looks a lot like RE3 resistance. Didn't enjoy that game so I hope Evil Dead is more enjoyable. Either way more competition for DBD is welcome.

  7. this is cool but im waiting for the texas chainsaw game that game is gonna eat the girls up.

  8. Question is how are the queue times gonna be if clearly more people will be playing as the survivors

  9. here comes the new assymetric experience where there's zero challenge for the team with 4 players and great suffering for the player trying to have fun as well on the other side. Since i play killer and predator on dbd and predator hgs I guess there's plenty new pain on this one. bring it on!

  10. The Starz Ash Vs Evil Dead series was amazing I hope this game does really well so we can get a season 4 for it someday! Pre ordered. I love anything to do with Evil Dead.

  11. as a killer main in Dead by daylight, im gonna enjoy playing as the demon in this game

  12. It's not the killer that should be "challenged" in these kinda games. Another survivor game when there's not much surviving and just beating on a hopeless killer. On a team or not once people in general have got the hang of it every match is gonna be hell for the average killer.

  13. That's just a little disappointing that Lucy Lawless is in a playable good guy or bad guy


    It might be a bit much to ask for a Xena warrior princess downloadable character!! I get that

    However Ruby deserves to be a downloadable bad guy and good guy

  14. I thought it's gonna be like dbd but actually scary, it's friday the 13th but with more action, still looks great though

  15. Only thing I don't like is that if you play as the survivors you have to get jumpscared over and over again in a single match.

  16. I played the crap out of resident evil resistance and ive been looking for something to scratch that itch

  17. TBH this game looks annoyingly complicated and the live menu interface looks too busy. He was explaining what to do but it’s not clear at all?? Graphics look good tho

  18. How good is the offline vs bots? Can i play as both sides vs bots or just survivors? And is there difficulty options? I dont expect all the effort in the world i just want the bare minimum you should expect. When no lifers inevitably start annihilating me every game i want some actually enjoyable bot play to fall back on.

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