Elden Ring – SAMURAI Gameplay Preview (ChusoMMontero)|Red Bull Levels

Elden Ring Samurai gameplay preview hype! If you’d like a taste of what Elden Ring gameplay has to offer, here’s a Samurai gameplay showcase from ChusoMMontero – a nohit Soulsbourne veteran, from Red Bull Levels – Elden Ring!

Hosted by Aoife Wilson, internationally renowned content creators Bimon, Chusommontero, Elajjaz, Sabaku No Maiku and TonTon joined for this epic stream, ahead of the game’s launch February 25th.

Each creator had time to try out and start to master their chosen class. For more vods, check out Red Bull Gaming on YouTube.


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  1. este boss es el filtro de este juego. Felicidades chuso por pasartelo mientras miles te esta mirando. Mis respetos 🤜

  2. This honestly looks like it could be Sekiro 2 minus the environment since it isn't Japanese. They need more Samurai attire though instead of just one.

  3. Will you be able to dual-wield as a samurai? New to Souls games and debating between samurai and warrior

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