1. I just noticed some enemies are in different places from the final released game

    Bell hunter inside Stormhill Castle
    The fat guy with the Volcano hat inside Carian study hall
    The giant in the middle of the woods
    When Varre takes your finger the scene takes place Inside the building and not outside at the entrance
    Flame Chariot on a bridge inside Storm hill castle
    Ancient dragon Lansseax fight takes place on Caelid

    probably all changed to display different environments without spoiling too much.

  2. how time.coming performance patch ps5 version this game not stable 60 fps very bad performance ilgive me my money back i hate you from software

  3. After 150 hours and the game didn't end yet.. Watching all elden ring trailers now hits very different. I've never played a souls game before.

  4. It will be the best game ever if the player can decide how difficult it is… i quit ps5 game its Just to frustrating and to hard to dodge roll for ever

  5. im waiting performance patch This game 35 fps on performance mods on ps5 metekritik for me 50 how.time coming performance patch for this game

  6. After seeing all the hype and clips of this on the internet , I decided to get it, after starting it up and playing it, I remembered, I dislike these 3rd person type of games. More of a fps myself , waste of $$ on my side

  7. I said I wasn't going to buy the game because of 'body a/body b' and was instantly banned on the steam forums. When people complained about the politicized localization of Super Robot Wars they got similar, and when a mod came out fixing the localization all posts mentioning it were removed. Bamco got woke, I'm glad I never picked up Tales of Arise or Scarlet Nexus.

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