ELDEN RING – Gameplay Preview

Return to your world, Tarnished.

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  1. 1. The Dark souls games was all about Light and Darkness
    2. Bloodborne was based on H.P Lovecraft Old One Gods
    3. Nioh and Serekio was inspired on Japan folklore.
    What do you think Elden Ring will be based on?

  2. It looks kind of fun. But it's far too dark for me. The witcher was dark sometimes but had a great grimey atmosphere. Also dark souls and sekiro combat is boring to me compared to god of ear where youre slashing people with chains of fire and have a massive variety of moves and skills u can use. And if I found God of war too hard and died 10 times in a row on hard setting I would just lower the difficulty because I'm an adult and I don't have time to waste lol

  3. We muslims hopes there whill be no shrines where you must pray in the game.
    If that is so then we skip the game. Like darksouls, nioh etc.
    Because it is for us forbidden to play like such games. And we know there are a lot of people they dont buy this games because of this.

  4. So I saw the required specs for this game and it is surprisingly low. For a game that has so much detail, it is very playable for some potato pc's like mine XD

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