1. Game looks good, but this too many graphics on fighting, jumping, running will be super annoying while playing.. attacks, jumps and landings, should be very swift action for long plays!!

  2. If this game is 90% bug free and works well … than this can be one of the best RPGs in the last 7 years . Wow details on this World and Animations look much better than in Dark Souls 3 … i really hope for us all that we get some perl of games this year .

  3. Onion armor was a wierd one but i miss it. Also im happy i dont have to go into blight town or the depths again… that place scared me for life.

  4. so now Elden Ring will be able to run at 4K at 60fps? before it was said tha there is Performance mode (60fps) or Graphics mode(30fps)?!

  5. The more I watch this it reminds me of an upgraded graphics of ryse of phoenix where occasionally you will see monsters in groups that u can fight or where u are invaded and gives a little more challenge, other then that u can’t tell me it does not remind you of it I’ll still get it. But honestly watch gameplay of that then this. The only thing is the dungeons . But the outside world it’s just open and empty with the odd monsters in groups same thing ryse of phoenix has. Expect this has better graphics and dungeons. So don’t hate and take this the wrong way but watch both and u will know I’m not wrong.

  6. I feel this game will be very repetitive when it comes to seeing the same monsters an demons and the world looks very flat and dull not much too see outside dungeons sure but the world no. It’s just like driving from one place to another on your house seeing trees and the 1 or 2 same monsters

  7. NO!!!!! (ELDEN RING) microsoft only becouse of Demon Souls in PS5 exclusive fuck sony gaystation fans!!! pc and xbox only pluss cross save with xbox and pc with xbox game pass too ! that would that would be fair

  8. It's funny that this could be seen as a spinoff from Dark souls, it's the same world but in some other kingdom for away from Gwyns kingdom

  9. So this game is basically if Skyrim, Dark Souls, Bloodborne and Sekiro decided to enter a polyamorous relationship and adopt Breath of the Wild

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