Early Access Microsoft Flight Simulator Xbox Series X GAMEPLAY!

Here’s a first look at Microsoft Flight Simulator running on Xbox Series X hardware. This is the latest Xbox Series X|S Console Exclusive from Xbox Game Studios.

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  1. Mine crashes non stop. Ground textures won't load. And my game is bugged where I cant change any of the game settings like time or weather.

    Really great game…..

  2. I have Xbox One S and I love this game my budget can only get me a Series S….is this game worth changing my console for? Cause this is the only game I like and can't play…that's my only question for youtubers who has played this game

  3. Hi add me xbox x DINGODAN78…new flyer..loving the game ..i would like to know why i carnt make stopovers in long trips. Can u show how. Im in Austrila

  4. Microsoft should put the 125 gigs onto CDs and sell them at a discount rate so you don't have to wait 2 days for the download to finish.. Microsoft sucks.. I hope X Plane 12 kicks them to the street.

  5. So from what Ive heard if I already purchased the MSFS 2020 for my PC. I can use the same license key for the Xbox version. Is that true??

  6. hi I have it on pc and I can see the sim in my xbox one x menus but it said incompatible ? any idea if I can play sim on my xbox one x ??? thanks all 🙂

  7. The 6800XT and 3080 struggle to do 4K 60 at max settings in this game, why on earth do you think an xbox with a cut down and power limited RDNA 2 GPU will be able to do it? This is a terrible judge of the Xbox Series X. Why not go and look at the UE5 demo from the coalition (gears of war developer) to get an idea of what the console can do?

    Your laptop will probably boot the game but you can forget playing it in 4K. With that GPU and processor I would be shocked if you managed 1080p 30.

  8. The flight sim controls and options menus are over complicated, some menus do not scroll all the way to the bottom and we can't even find basic preferences like the inverted look option which makes sense when flying air craft.

  9. First place I flew was my house but it’s a new build so not there, half my estate is though… after not getting to crash into my house I went and crashed into work 😂

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