Devs Spill the Beans: Aurelion Sol Gameplay Update | Dev Video – League of Legends

Producer Rob “Riot KingCobra” Rosa talks about why he loves Aurelion Sol and what’s in store for the Starforger’s gameplay update.

Aurelion Sol – Champion Teaser

Aurelion Sol – Champion Theme

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The Call | Season 2022 Cinematic

Aurelion Sol – LoR Champion Reveal

Call of the Mountain | Launch Trailer

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  1. Really sad that they're getting rid of ASols stars. It really feels like they're neutering his uniqueness in favor of making him a generic mid-lane mage. I get that not a lot of people played him, but removing his stars is like taking away Shyvana's dragon ult. Without it, they're not who they are imo.

    A Sol is no longer the STAR Forger. He's now a generic fire breathing dragon 🙁

  2. the pretentious cafe aside, I'm glad they're..ya know, making a character good….That should of been the goal all along.

    Darius and Aatrox are near unstoppable bulwarks of metal and flesh, who lifesteal the day away, and that's the fantasy. They are sharp tanks that are nigh unstoppable now that anti heal is nerfed into the ground.

    Gameplay fantasies are GOOD….just need to make them a reality for all characters, at all times. (like how moonboy sprays and prays his six weapons all over)

  3. Game developers are making a huge mistake when they – "CHANGE SOMETHING TO APPEAL TO NEW PLAYERS AND MAKE IT EASIER" GAMES ARE MADE TO be intricate, it should force the PLAYER to THINK outside the box and become better at the GAME.

    The animations that are currently shown in the trailer appear to be from the Aurelion TFT model. If that is how he is going to be changed to, I believe its the wrong decision.

    HERE are some suggestions, coming from someone who probably has spent the MOST time on this champion out of ANYONE on this EARTH:
    – His W ability needs to be reverted while still maintaining the addition of the fast initial rotation and movement speed buff. This allows Asol to be able to stay in team fights consistently.
    – His E ability should be similar to his E on Wild Rift, being able to fly around the map with no restriction to terrain is what a dragon should be able to do….especially a Space Dragon. A way to balance it is to make it a toggle ability, or drain mana whilst using it.
    – His Q which triggers on command (similar to anivia Q) is balanced, however a large cosmic star should be able to go through anything…yes anything…even Yas wind wall (but only if the star is larger than his wind wall or any other champion's ability that can block projectiles).
    – His Ultimate is acceptable, the knockback is great, the range is decent , the dmg is ok. Asol mains know the true value and uses of his ultimate, its not always for dmg and finishing sometimes its to initiate setups. Nothing needs to be changed here.
    – The new Aurelion seems to not include his passive which is integral to his kit. Without this, Aurelion loses his unique playstyle, he should continue to be a roaming mid mage that is opportunistic around the map, not some boring scaling mage that sits in lane waiting for late game and items.

    In short, the way I see this rework-change, I truly believe you guys (devs or whoever is in charge of creating this new asol) have just made it harder on yourselves and it didn't have to be that way. I am still looking forward to this though, perhaps I can help be a voice or give reasonable feedback which I would gladly do.

  4. So many people talking about how he’s trash in the current meta. I think that’s because nobody plays him. He’s for sure one of the hardest champions to master, since his kit revolves (literally) around kiting, with the orbiting stars. It’s hard for a new player to play, but it makes it really rewarding for the smaller number of us who play him

  5. As an ASol player I’ll be honest, kinda disappointing to see that they’re changing the kit entirely. In my opinion, they finally optimized his kit to make a unique way to play the game. A roaming-bursting-kiting mage is unlike anything in the game at the moment (except maybe Lillia), but I have really enjoyed playing his newer kit recently. Really sad to see this go but at the same time, I’m glad the space dragon concept is staying the same. We’ll see how they do

  6. It was supposed to be a dragon and you created a wizard, now you make him even more wizard? You don't understand where the problem lies … you have to make a colossal dragon that is difficult to take down

  7. Don't make him basic, don't make him too strong, AND FOR THE LOVE OF AURELION SOL DONT MAKE HIM EASY. We want our champ to stay unique and for his skill floor to stay the same. That's all we ask. Please don't take our stars away.

  8. Feels like this is going to take his unique gameplay away. Keep his stars as his passive. Q turns into a scaling aoe root that doesn't need to be charged just like in the video. W gives more stars temporarily. E is like Soraka's W but with a slow then pulls enemies after the delay. And Ult pushes all enemies around him. Changes him enough + takes care of his melee weakness but you still retain the orbiting stars mechanic.

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