DEATHLOOP – Official Gameplay Walkthrough

Prowling stealthily across rooftops or tearing through the streets of Blackreef in a hail of bullets. Finding a hidden entrance or busting in through the front door. There are many ways to reach your targets in DEATHLOOP. Our target in this extended look at the game is the Visionary Aleksis “The Wolf” Dorsey. Watch Colt infiltrate his well-guarded nightly party and take him down!

Launching September 14, 2021 on console exclusively for PlayStation 5 and available on PC. Available for pre-order now:

If At First You Don’t Succeed… Die, Die Again.

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ESRB Rating: Mature with Blood and Gore, Drug Reference, Intense Violence, Sexual Themes, and Strong Language.


  1. Not buy this Game ..Trust me this Game destroy your Konsole . When you have Luck than you can Play a day
    without Crashes …but than when this Game Crashes , than this Happens every Few hours. Trust me ..Not buy this Trash .

  2. Bullshit Game … I get everytime 1082551 Error . And the Texture Looks bullshit , FPS Drops , Texture Plopping and flacker… Nice , how powerfull the ps5 ist ..Trash console and this fucking Game Fuck my console . You give me my min y Back assholea .your Game destroy my ps5 . In Others Games i dont have this Problems… But now i get this Error every hours in this Game .

  3. I thought Bethesda is part of the Microsoft so why exclusivity is not with Xbox? I mean I have PC but I wanted to take advantage of the SSD in my Series S 🙂

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