Cyberpunk 2077 — Next-Gen Gameplay | PlayStation 5

Take a look at the Patch 1.5/Next-Gen Update gameplay captured on PlayStation 5. With the update, #Cyberpunk2077 takes advantage of the additional power of the newest generation of console hardware, allowing for ray tracing features and 4K with dynamic scaling, faster loading times, and a variety of other visual and technical improvements, as well as utilizes the DualSense controller’s adaptive triggers and haptic feedback functionalities.

Cyberpunk 2077 is an open-world, action-adventure RPG set in Night City, a megalopolis obsessed with power, glamour, and body modification. You play as a cyberpunk mercenary taking on the most powerful forces of the city in a fight for glory and survival. Fully customize your character and playstyle as you take on jobs, build your reputation, and unlock upgrades. The relationships you forge and the choices you make will shape the story and the world around you. Legends are made here. What will yours be?

Available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Google Stadia, Xbox Series X|S or PlayStation 5. Buy now:

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  1. Beat the launch version on a PS4 Pro. Sure there were bugs, glitches and crashes… Which was even more hilarious to me because given the world and setting I couldn't always tell if they were intentional. HOWEVER there is a really big world and good story in this game and I loved it. Even with all the patches I refused to play it until the PS5 version launched. I am currently half way through the PS5 version and even though there's still some cleaning up to do, boy does it feel and perform a lot like we all thought at launch. I am for sure finishing it again.

  2. Yo first gunfight + sword fight looks boring as fuuuuuuck. bro didnt get hit once and one tap everything like there is no difficulty at all.
    I don't know about next gen gamers, but i want some challenge ffs….

  3. This is really nice am just seeing this now
    The graphics
    The music

  4. Am I the only person here that thinks this "next-gen upgrade" is underwhelming as shit?

  5. I'm so loving the game. Waited for the ps5 version. Was hard waiting for soooo long. But worth it.

    Bring on the DLC!!! ❤️

  6. It would be nice if the initial equip animation occured randomly after equiping a firearm/melee weapon like it does the first time you get it and when not in a hostile state, I do love the immersion in watching a good weapons check

  7. About 80hours on my 2nd playthrough, 1st was on PS4 Pro but PS5 with quick loadtimes, smooth as framerate, the haptic feedback is magic on this. Keep pushing CDPR really having fun now 🙂

  8. If they make it an open world type game like gtav they would get millions of people wanting it

  9. Until they fixed this game and delivered the game that was shown on E3 which possibly not gonna happen. I will never buy anygame or anything from them at full price. Pre-order is a huge mistake. And no company should be trust. I learned that in a hard lesson. CDPR. good luck on trying to claim what had already gone. You are only gonna have an uphil battle to earn your reputation back. Nothing is going to be the same.

  10. Can’t help but notice nobody is playing this game, after a free five or so hour trial, what has ended up being a 400+ GB broken catastrophe with irrelevant fixes and patches and only one or two noticeable differences. Wasn’t it this studio’s mission statement to stand on par with the likes of rockstar? Don’t make promises you can’t keep, don’t dupe people into spending money for garbage based on flashy trailers and don’t ever try to make another first person game again, nobody wanted it and it seems to be out of your depth, I feel sorry for the employees who had to put their names on this dumpster fire. Nobody wanted call of duty: new vegas

  11. Door's still read "Closed" all over this "Open World". I have around 270 hours into this game now, and had an immortal crush on it since the teaser dropped. Lately I just started going up the buildings to just mess around, get some views. Let me put it this way, the higher you go in this game (vertically) the lazier it gets, and the more obvious it becomes that they were on this massive time crunch. I'm talking buildings clipped through each other to try and create new models for example, really noticeable from up high. Jump on the barren train track in the city, and follow it towards all the abandoned stations that were clearly meant to be usable at some point. Greenhouses with doors leading nowhere, look great on the rooftops when running down at ground level. But when you actually climb the building they are on, they fall out of place, try it, go higher and the illusion crumbles. (If the glitches and bugs didn't do that for you already…) It's heartbreaking. Still freaking love it to bits. Seriously shed a tear when I found what I think is a dev room beneath the Arasaka tower ruins. A stowed away room full of names on the walls. Blood sweat and tears this game. They wanted it to be so much more. I truly hope, and not just for players, but for the people working on it, that the original vision can one day be realized.
    Truth be told, I don't think it will ever get boring though. The 1.52 update yesterday made me start another run. Corpo this time.
    Empathy is what I have for this game, not hatred.

  12. I find the game so satisfying & great… Despite the setbacks, You guys made up with great efforts to improved it…. I'll say, A job well done & looking forward for more updates to come… Gonna finish my playthro as a Streetkid now… Played as Corpo & Nomad on the early version… Cheers!!!

  13. oh wow what a scam… 1.5 and the game is still not in a shape it should be published in… HOW USELESS IS THIS COMPANY?!

  14. Hola espero se encuentren muy bien…… quisiera hacer una petición muy importante de parte de todos los latinoamericanos y es que la verdad en lo personal me encanta jugar los juegos al doblaje al español por que da otra perspectiva del juego, he comprado la versión física desde el día uno para XBOX ONE y resultó que NO estaba en español CUANDO LA VERSIÓN DIGITAL SI, tú experiencia es totalmente distinta cuando está doblado a tu idioma natal, soy de México… y cómo es posible que en España allá salido el juego doblado en español y aquí en México donde todos hablamos español este en ingles =(……

    En resumen quisiera que habilitaran en doblaje al español de cyberpunk 2077 para la consola de Xbox one

    De verdad se lo agradecería mucho

    Ahora que lanzaron su versión de prueba he podido jugarlo cambiando la región de mi Xbox a la de España (eso NO funciona con la versión física en "CD") y quede realmente sorprendido ya que lo note como un juego diferente con la voz de Jackie de fondo es espectacular…. me ha encantado más de lo normal…

    Lo malo que solo tuve 5 horas y se pasaron muY rápido =(

    espero tomen en cuenta mi humilde opinión y puedan hacer algo al respecto

    muchas gracias saludos a todo

  15. For the update after 1.5. Is it possible to extend the story line after V dies. So you can play as Johnny, but in V's body.

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  17. It’s still not finished or the game we were promised but it is very very close. 45 hours in and I’ve had a very smooth enjoyable experience. No bugs or breaks.

  18. Хочу передать CD Project привет от русских-нацистких геймеров. Я не хочу разделять Вашего мнения с тем,что Русские гранждане являются нацистами и с Вашим призрением к нам. Вы никогда не задумывались,что Российские геймеры всегда Вас тепло встречали на всех игровых площадках и прощала многие ошибки ожидая их фиксов. А вы отплатили нам тем,что действуете по такой логике: Российское правительство решило начать войну с Украиной и следовательно Российские граждане-нацисты. Я могу сказать то же самое и о Германии и их холакоста во времена Второй Мировой войны по отношению к евреям. То есть получается и жители германии являются фашистами? Вы можете оправдываться,но своими действиями Вы показываете обратное. Стыд и позор разработчикам. Русские геймеры ни в чём не виноваты.

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  21. Future DLC:

    six more endings
    Misty Romance
    Jackie lives
    Jackie and V become legends together
    Morgan Blackhand makes an appearance
    Every gang in Night City at war with Arasaka.
    More Romance options
    You live in the crystal palace
    You destory the crystal palace
    The heist was a total success
    Night city gets rename and actually becomes a much better place then it was before.
    V triggers the fifth Corporate War.
    Blue eye's true motive.
    All of Night City see's you as a problem than a legend.
    Jackie is the third perrson in the bio chip trying to save you from Johnney and your fate.
    V's life was actually a brain dance recording someone else is watching in the distant future.
    V dies but Jackie lives.
    Evelyn Parker Lives and romance options
    You become a rockerboy just like johnney, but you still have your body.


  23. As a person who never bought the broken version, this patch worked fine for me. Theres a few issues still needs fixing but the amount of stuff u can do in this game is still top notch. And I only got it for 20 quid.

  24. This game is so awesome. For people complaining about it still. I've been playing on ps5 and have almost zero issues. If this game isn't good enough for your standard then what is? This game is next level intricate and immersive. There are zero open world games that look and play anything like this. Honestly most games today are just the same fucking thing repackaged as spiderman instead of batman or call of duty 4000. Look at fallout 76 compared to this. Its insane!! And Bethesda is still working on that game.

  25. I don’t understand the whole hate) as if everyone agreed) I bought the game on Xbox X, everything works fine bugs are a little much less than in Skyrim which is 12 years old. The plot of the characters is just awesome, and the side quests are very interesting. I just can not tear myself away from the game the third day. what a great location! V's voice is similar to Danila Bagrov from Brother. The only thing that annoys me a little is crashes from the game that interfere with immersion, but in general everything is cool put 5 stars

  26. 400 million people speak Spanish in all of Latin America, 46 million people speak Spanish in Spain… But the dubbing of the game in Spanish is done only for Spaniards who live in Spain. Someone is definitely not doing homework on CD Project RED

  27. Isn't kinda of a bummer the Corpo apartment elevator doesn't open right onto the home like the one in Glen town.

  28. skin trasmission and face shadows improvement doesnt seems implented :/ Even in my old 1070 ùI run graphics at medium and skin transmission at high and face shadows improvements on. ts looks stunning

  29. People in the comments love CDPR for making changes that GTA IV had made 12 years ago, pathetic, but at least it's better than nothing… But at the same time… Bruh, 1 year of development and the AI still seems retarded. Come On.

  30. I think it would be a good idea to add an audio language selector and in addition to add Latin Spanish 🙂🙂🙂🙂

  31. I think it would be a good idea to add an audio language selector and in addition to add Latin Spanish 🙂🙂🙂🙂

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