Crab Game by Dani has a HUGE Problem… (Summary/Gameplay)

Summary and Review of Dani’s Crab Game
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In this video I play Dani’s crab game which is a unity game developed by Dani and is inspired by Squid game, it is very epic and I go over everything in it while talking about the maps, modes and unity assets such as unity’s particle system and Dani’s long neck

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0:00 Intro
0:11 General Summary
0:50 PvP Group
2:49 PvE Group
4:58 King of the Hill
5:39 Tile Drive
6:10 Dorm
6:40 Other Stuff
7:17 Bugs
8:16 Nice stuff
8:40 Conclusion


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  2. Самая огромная проблема это дыры в текстурах и возможность творить просто читерские мувы благодаря движку. У меня на канале вышел ролик по багам. По воде прыгать можно) Вот за такое даже уже начинают кикать и банить. А народ читы юзает вообще (Но это уже люди с отклонениями)

  3. The biggest bug in the game is the way tires work. If you jump right before you hit a tire you go 3x the height. On the races you can literally skip most the obstacles.

  4. The huge problem is every EVERY single lobby has many hackers and modders. Too many… And extreme racist in 10/10 lobbies with 20+ people.

  5. Bro I cant even play it, I've done everything on the YouTube videos, uninstalled it and everything and I cannot load into a freaking game

  6. The game is fun because it resembles OG COD lobbies, where everyone is yelling and insulting each other. they key feature that everygame is missing is open mic

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