CarX Street Gameplay Leak!

Another one of the big games this year is CarX Street, created by a much smaller studio but looking like a VERY big game!
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  1. 6:24 this clip Looks Like NFS Heat but all graphic settings are at the lowest. And i think, that is the reason why the Game Looks Like a mobile Game. Because ist is one AND they have to lower the graphics for the mobile version

  2. We're finally getting to where mobile games are finally reaching the point we dreamed of long ago. The physics also look pretty good.

  3. Разрабы этой игры из города Краснодар, часто мимо их офиса проезжаю

  4. WOW even that mobile game looks so nice, i can't wait for a pc version. NFS Underground vibes.

  5. I don't care if it gets pay to win, as long as it's playable offline and doesn't have that energy 10/10bs

  6. This game looks straight up like NFSUG I swear these forign devolpers know how to make better games then AAA console games. I really looking forward to this game.

  7. Why do you promote russian game? russia has invaded my country (I'm from Ukraine) and shells us with rockets along with other war crimes (raping, killing civilians etc.). Imagine if someone in Britain was promoting German movies in 1940. That's exact same situation. UK helps us a lot with needed weapons and russian sanctions. Please, don't destroy our gratefulness for UK help. Dislike.

  8. The graphics looks like need for speed heat OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG awesome let’s go go go now

  9. Already though, car sounds are pretty good (imagine if upgrades changed it, I HOPE). Physics and handling look absolutely fine for this type of game, graphics look absolutely fine also, I just hope the Devs can treat it like a bigger game, by keeping it up to date with fixes, features and DLC if possible

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