BIG CHANGES! Ret Paladin in Dragonflight Alpha (Gameplay)

Ret paladin in Dragonflight alpha gets some big changes to its aoe playstyle but tuning is indeed required to see how much value will that hold. You can clearly see they want you to play Consecration, judging by the dragonflight ret talents and utility is once again something that will be heavily lacking. Covering all the aspects of it but as a first iteration of the talents, dragonflight ret pally gives me a little bit of home. Waiting for more updates in future builds.

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  1. Honestly as of right now, ret is dead in the water. Zero reason to bring them to m+/raid. It's been like 7+ years blizz! Come on! Give us a good raid buff and any kind of defensive.

  2. I haven’t played in ten years and I love what they are doing with the talents. Cleanse may be embedded down a side you don’t want to go, but it may just keep Palys from being broken. This looks good all around and I can’t wait to come back

  3. WHY THEY DONT DO CONSACRATION AN AURA? That follows the paladin, its Way better right? And make more sense, after all where u step should be consacrated, when the LIGHTS comes from inside the paladin. Not from that little place on the ground?

  4. I swore I saw somewhere that we were getting Vanquisher's Hammer (Necrolord ability) in DF… I know it was never the darling of the community, but the combination of smoothed out HP generation, solid damage (with the conduit) on its own, and some actually really good cleave make it something I'm going to miss post-SL. Especially in the context of getting the training wheels version of Toll. 😕

  5. Really hoping someone comes up with a really solid support dps build for ret, don't get me wrong I love doing dps but I would like to bring something to the raid no one else brings e.g utilty, buffs, debuffs etc.

  6. Looks like they’re bringing back some Legion flavors! Judgement began as a talent to have 50% chance to hit another target, but evolved to 100% chance to hit EVERYBODY. Glorious.

  7. Ringing Clarity is almost necessary for Divine Toll to remain strong enough to be a capstone.

    Also where is our raid/group buff?? Would it really break balance if we had a 5% buff or some other useful mechanic like other classes 🙁

  8. the way i’m seeing it is they’re deciding to follow a route, but they keep a couple out for another route i guess for balance. if you dumped it all into aoe & all into single target, you’re loosing that agency we want back. whereas if you’re super strong in one & VIABLE in the other, that feels nice. you bring something to the table. you see?

  9. Exorcism feels strange in an era of Holy Power…
    The synergy with Consecration is nice, but it does not cost nor generate HP, how am I supposed to fit it into what is a (normally) very precise rotation?!
    It will probably be an AoE only spell because of the Concentration bonus, and because why would I press a spell that does not generate HP in single target fight if I can use a HP spender for more dps?

  10. Long arm of the law being nerfed though sucks, used to be 45% for 4 seconds. They can’t possibly give a good reason as to why they shouldn’t make it the exact same

  11. Sprinkling aoe in st side isn’t bad and vise versus, that way you can have a bit of both. Wouldn’t be too fun if you only could have absolute aoe or absolute st

  12. Although avenging wrath is iconic I think it being such a huge burst window is bad for the spec. I like the idea of spreading avenging wrath’s power but compared to say feral it needs to be stronger in specific ways, old paladin is spamming abilities. I’d love to see the speed of BFA fury warrior (I think current fury speed is perfect for the spec) become a maintenance buff by spending holy power. Ie at full stacks you have 35-40% haste. Which is easy to maintain during offensives and rarer outside of them without good gear. Because paladin rotation is often a bit of a whack a mole in holy power generation this speed will make it feel better, and by making wings shorter a burst window during the execution sentence or templars verdict. Or even just make it so the next two spenders cost no HP after wings gets popped. Something where it’s chunky for the first few globals and then a good damage amp when coupled with haste. Finally Ret aura should give 5% of that 35% – 40% haste exclusive to Ret. It makes sense if Ret is the speedy melee spec, and it gets them the raidspot as it generally has such a tough time maintaining one

  13. Why have to take Divine Storm to get TV? they need to swap them, they need to move the AOE talents in to the middle'ish or make more connecting lines…imagine having to take divine storm on a pure ST fight in raid. Solid video….took max's group 2 hours to talk about this stuff yesterday ;p

  14. long arm of the law should 100 percent be a 2 point talent 30/60% MS increase if blizzard do buff it up they might need to reconsider steed maybe dont want to go from wheelchair to lambo

  15. So basically ret is in the same place as the last 5-6 years. We get invited only if we are top dps because we have no utility or buffs, otherwise we are a D tier spec. And lets not even start on defensives… Some things never change I guess.

  16. If all aoe talent were on the same page, that sucks too, because that's exactly what takes away your freedom, it's good the way it is, it's the same with other classes, there's a sense behind it.

  17. Bro I LOVE that the light bringer talent can be built into final verdict. I was real sad that I couldn’t use double legendary on my ret to use both final verdict and the lightbringer talent together to look bad ass

  18. Issue I have is they said they wanted to make Ret/Holy Ret/Prot a thing again with these talents. I could see possibly Ret/Holy from the talents but Ret/Prot? How? Its funny cuz they added the talent that from TBC was our raid buff but i dont see a lot of holy damage being done let alone its what, 5 seconds? Not exactly a raid buff

  19. LOVED this video ! It's great when you find alpha testers that actually explain their opinions properly and unbiased.

    Rather that hate hate hate or love love love. Makes it much more easier to listen and trust.

    Keep up the great work!

    Any plans to do BM hunter please ?

  20. I said to all my friends every addon paly will never be my main again when they dont remove holy power and give me the mana cd playstyle from wotlk back. And my seals with the judment effects and of course all the group buffs 🙂

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