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  1. «SVD Dragunov» == Snayperskaya Vintovka Dragunova Dragunov. Well, something is wrong. I guess.

  2. All I could think about when they were rushing in a straight line into the forest looking for you was, if only he could set traps. Some Rambo pit traps, spikes and giants logs. Ah the chaos.

  3. No, just no. I have over 12k hours in arma 3 and i feel like i am being gaslighted with this arma reforged. Arma 3 sets a different game paste IF you utilise all that it offers like movement stances, tactical aspect of teamwork and radio communication. I love it because no other game offers that like arma 3 does. Now its being turned in to some head first fps shooter arma 3 was never meant to be and players who play arma like that always get fucked and blame it on AI, the engine, other players. Yes there are glitches, engine is outdated, but that was the only thing they had to work on and improve instead butchering the game like this. Well… I gues they have to cater to player base that wants every game to feel and play like any other game to make the sales.

  4. This game is trash trash controls trash movement hard to even climb a ladder unless you are standing in the perfect spot downloaded then deleted about 35 min after!!

  5. 3:00 Gotta be the best part of this entire video, no cap. His laugher only makes it better

  6. You can run through brush at a pretty high speed, but it’s very loud when you do it. Having it be loud in game, and the player having to slow down to keep it from happening, would be best in my opinion.

  7. I have turned all lights off in my room. I'd suggest you'd do the same if you are watching….. Looks outside… Sun is shining brightly…. Naaaah… never mind.

  8. I watched this at night with the lights out … But the audio was 7.1 and cranked … wasn't long before Dallas Police were being dispatched to random gunfire near my house … oop's! Well, you didn't say to watch in the dark with headphones did you!

  9. For a second, I thought I was watching legacy media news like CNN, ABC, … BBC. Or a US General trying to pass off ARMA 3 video for actual shoot downs of Russian aircraft. Silly me.

  10. Carter, did you really have a heat stroke two days ago when we were changing the ponzi cone liners?

  11. Is there no artillery in this game mode? Because if I had a sniper problem like this in arma3 I would call for artillery.

  12. You know behind enemy lines is its own shitty video game and I keep thinking your playing that shit hole.
    cuz the title lol

  13. I am very much on the fence for this one. Holding out just a little bit longer to see what gets added in the short term.

  14. Drew taking out a compass to figure out where the sun was at sunrise was just the funniest shit to me for no reason.

  15. If you were 35 years old playing Halo Combat Evolved in 2001 then you'd be 57 years old TODAY still playing games. People in their 60's and 70's and 90's will be playing videos juegos in the future. That's pretty neat. I'm running outta steam though at barely 30 unfortunately. I get comparable enjoyment watching this dude running around playing entertainingly as I do if I were to play myself

  16. i love games like this but sadly i cant buy them and even if i do my pc would prolly get deep fried from the inside

  17. The scope may be old and busted in real life, but in Arma, where the built-in range finder is always perfectly accurate to the character models, it's pretty handy.

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