1. I have some more early access codes for Origin PC if anyone wants to try them – 8ZVD-R3WH-XKGS-WE7H – 4QGY-5B3V-L3QR-5ZQG – 9WNH-GWLT-AQWJ-9UA6 – HDT5-C2KX-N9FL-AQ4X

  2. They should of kept the customizable screen like in battlefield 4 it’s much cleaner and the RPG don’t do enough damage

  3. Why is there no weather? I loved battlefield maps that were at night, overcast, raining, and just some texture to them.

    This feels like a sunny day. I’m so mad they removed classes… I was so banking on this being a classic battlefield game. Will we ever see Destruction2.0 again?

  4. I've now played it for 2 hours and I have never, ever, been so disappointed over a video game.
    It's broken, empty, boring, and so overpromised. I'm sure it will be a great game in 6 – 12 months, but it simply isn't ready yet.
    (I'm playing on series X)

  5. Cant wait to play this but they gotta fix the executions and other things in the game even the classes bruh

  6. Modern Warfare 2019: We finally have a game with better graphics then BF.

    Battlefield 2042: You were just renting 1st place, we own it.

  7. The game looks.. good in graphics but man, who ever wanted a battlefield game in the future like this.. The oldschool stuff is what we want! Futuristic shit can stay with call of duty..

  8. i'm not a gamer but someone told me last night that this is the most realistic war game ever made and i'm sorry but that just can't be true. is this really it? the most realistic war game ever made? because if so i find that hilarious

  9. To me it doesn't really look much better than BF3 and the gameplay seems worse. I wish they just kept releasing content and new art passes for BF3..

  10. I REALLY hope they tweak the aircrafts a bit. Attack Helicopters a bit more heavy, Jets slightly more stiff, LittleBird helicopters heavier as well. I just think they need a bit of fine tuning.

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