Aurelion Sol REWORK GAMEPLAY: Coming 2023

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  1. If you got ASol in TFT his new W is what his Ult Cast ability is when he reaches full mana. First cast would be small second cast would be bigger and do more damage and the third cast onwards would take up the whole bored and do massive damage

  2. Wait.. I'm always banning A.sol just for the meme, now he will become viable and I will not be able to ban him 😐

    For context: "Why would you ban him", "because he's A.sol" 😏

  3. I actually kinda feel… underwhelmed by new asol so far. like it feels like they just took 2 generic aspects of dragons. implemented them as generically as possible. and called it a day.

    Old Asol wasnt too interesting to watch. but at least seeing him show up to a fight with a big ass explosion of stars felt cool!

    but now we have to sit there. in a fight. for 18 seconds. holding q. so we can make an e bigger

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