Assassin's Creed Dawn of Ragnarök: 13 Minutes of Gameplay

Check out some gameplay footage of #AssassinsCreedValhallaDawnofRagnarök. Hugr Magic System, New Abilities, Social Stealth, Shape-shifting Ability, New Enemies, Norse Mythology, New Weapon (Atgeir), New Boar Mount, New Gameplay Features and More.

#AssassinsCreed #Valhalla #DawnofRagnarök

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  1. There might be a God of War cross over at this point. Wtf! I havent played a propper assassins creed game for years, not since ps4 "Black Flag". All this mythology shit just proves Ghost of Tsushima ended this games whole career

  2. Big flop. Nothing matters in this game. The story, character, the settings, the voice acting.. cant enjoy this game on ps5. AC odyssey and Origins are much better. It was an unforgettable journey. This is dog sh*t.

  3. I have not beat the game het cuz my disc slider broke on my ps4 but when i bought the game my mentality going in was that it would take it self serious as it is a vikings game, i have not kept up to date with the game at all so this looks like a whole different game at this point, i was expecting a serious story with serious characters characters invested everything viking but the only serious character was eivor, his brother wears some goofy armor that does not look viking at all. It made some of the historic figure’s look goofy af, instead of mean and rough as they are said to be

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