ASH IS HERE!! First Impressions + Gameplay (Season 11- Apex Legends)

►Ash is here! I got to play Season 11 early, special thanks to EA for inviting me! If you want to see my overview video click here:

►Come watch me live and I’ll say hi –

►MUSIC: mostly epidemicsounds


  1. When I used it I found tricking enemies into a house is good since ash’s tactical can keep an enemy in a open hallway

  2. Ive been a titanfall player since day one, and in a ronin class main. All phase, all blade. So its was nice to get ash

  3. Anyone gonna talk about how her melee in third person is her using her sword? I just thought that was really cool

  4. How awesome as soon as stay started talking in game 2 I instantly knew who it was that would be awesome seeing them play together more often let’s hear it for kandy and stay

  5. Kandy I applaud you for not allowing the “ friendly “ thing to continue . And just killing the wraith . Teaming and badge boosting is out of control in apex .

  6. Also right in the start you land on domeone if you use your tactical you can hold them well you loot so you have a chance at getting a weapon first or you can punch them out

  7. I love Titanfall and I heard that the Faro was coming to Apex so that was really really excited for that for that gun the gun shoots so fast like the r 99 but like better

  8. She isn’t as good as people think she is and when you set that one way portal you better win your ones because ain’t no going back the only op thing is her que

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