ASH GAMEPLAY (SEASON 11) | Apex Legends

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  1. I hope apex put pilot jack cooper in apex cause coop was the hero yeah ha cooper and bt destroyed ash and her titan got squished and apex put cooper in apex pls

  2. Ash is by far the best. I got the 2.5k damage badge first game with her. She is amazing for all types of combat and insane for flanking

  3. honestly map is just way to big . you get into fights rearly …its aight . its a good looking map just not that good playable

  4. It isn’t the same as the titanfall 2 boss fight in the campaign on the hardest difficulty… but it’ll have to do for now.

  5. The game looks amazing the new map the new character!! I just hope they fixed the servers cuz that was a main problem for a while.

  6. This is what I HATE… fucking people getting early access for nothing. I've paid LOTS into this game and I don't get special treatment. Fucking bullshit. Yes Im jealous. Idgaf. It's not fair

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