Arknights: Endfield Gameplay Demo

Actual in-game demo of Arknights: Endfield, a real-time 3D RPG with strategic elements.

Objective: The Barrens
Your route has been mapped. Follow the nav points and complete the required objectives. Shock waves detected en route. Exercise caution and evade as required, Endministrator.

*The game is currently in an early build. Visit the official site for more info:


  1. This is cool and all, but it really tells me nothing about the gameplay. What is the combat like? How is the UI controlled? I guess we need a second trailer.

  2. possible on of the most beautiful games i've seen so far (for a mobile anime game anyways) hope it has an offline feature so its possible to play offline

  3. Despite that i like the lore and the characters i never play the original game, but this looks like something that i want to play.

  4. Honestly Arknights is probably one of the best Gacha games of our generation now to have a 3d game is just top tier can’t wait to see more

  5. Given Lowlights love for Portal, I guess it will play similar. Puzzle-oriented, and not shoving the story down your throat, and a desolate place to explore with seemingly noone around but yourself.

  6. AYOOOOOOOOOOOO? Okay, im not a fan of the normal Arknights gameplay so I havent played but GODDAMN THIS LOOKS INCREDIBLE

  7. Get really hype for this one and have a really high expectation. They done and absolutely amazing in Arknights mobile. The soundtrack, the lore, stage, Character design is already give the chill for Tower defense game. and this 3D RPG. I dont know what im going to say but get really Hype and really cant wait for this game.

  8. i swear people down here have never seen or played an actual videogame.
    it's cheaply animated, uninspired characters running around doing nothing with standard ps4 era graphics. hello?
    you don't even know what the game is like

  9. This is hela good for pc and playstation or xbox..but for the phones or tablets:) "i need to make them seriously water proof and play under water to not burn my hands":) you know withe i mean:)

  10. I would like to thank all the whales and leviathans for making this possible, as well as making the official anime possible. You are all awesome.

  11. Looks like it could be in a similar vein as Genshin, and tbh I think that makes a lot of sense. Arknights got old for me after a while because of there being hardly any variation to the tower defense gameplay. The world and cast were all very interesting, so whatever final form Endfield takes is a welcome development to me. Seeing this on console and/or PC would be really exciting.

    The basic gameplay demo makes me worried what a mobile version would play like…Genshin is hardly tolerable on mobile without controller for comparison, so unless it's simplified exploration similar to the open world mode of Honkai Impact, this could be unwieldy.

  12. Graphics look nice af but I don’t think it’s open world game at best it’s just like honkai world you walk around available area
    Hopefully I wrong

  13. I wonder.if it's gonna be similar to neir (the one with the character 2b) and it low end mobile phones can run min without turning into an iron

  14. Looks good! I love Arknights, but hopefully this game won’t have a weapon/armor Gacha if that is how battles will be playing out anyway.

  15. Holy shit this looks amazing, hope it won't kill my pc because some games with such graphics makes it lag a bit. Good thing that genshin on the highest graphic settings isn't lagging at all so I'm gonna expect this game won't either

  16. an anime and a real RPG for arknights, FINALLY this is what we were waiting for, I always thought that arknights had too much potential to settle for a simple IOS game, personally I don't know in what year it will be released but I think this will be the best anime and best RPG of the year

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