Apex Season 10 Gameplay First Look! – New Legend, New Weapon and HUGE Map Changes!

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  1. “I don’t know how that missed I’m gonna have to watch that back” don’t watch it back, you’ll realise your aim was trash

  2. as long as it’s not like when they showed us fuse… 😭😭😭 this guy looks really good tho

  3. I’m curious why every straight male race has representation in Apex Legends except for American black men.

  4. Actually they had mention that seer ultimate others won’t be detected when he uses it kinda like stealth

  5. Here we have the first and only black male legend to be added and he’s hyper feminine…thanks alot Respawn

  6. I didn’t even know refinery existed I don’t think I have visited every location on worlds edge

  7. One of the main reasons I liked watching your videos was the respect you showed less skilled players. Felt like you thought everyone had a right to play to their own level without being mocked and vilified. These endings of late belie that. Maybe you are playing to the toxic 10 year olds in your audience and as a more "mature" gentleman it's time for me to move on. Would make me sad though, been watching your stuff for years.

  8. I use to love these two, but they never improve their looting awareness which is very frustrating to watch.

  9. the fact that it can interrupt all legends active abilities is amazing. i knew this was the case when i saw him basically dissipate caustics gas and shut off wattsons pylon in the cinematic. so sick

  10. 12:39 that was perfect to actually get you both outta the direct cross hairs of that Rampart Team, sort of threw them off if they even noticed you guys also splitting like ya both went , threw anyone off again persay choosing who to follow after jumping and then also probably gave a lil surprise. Well played mate. Teamwork

  11. 17:08 fucking Dying at this when its 4 in the Morning right here! "Onto the Pad, get on there! " You want to Live, then Jump!
    Lets her Soar, only to Pop a shot to the Buttocks! 🤣

  12. In the first 3 minutes I was told that my two favorite parts of worlds edge where being removed and that one of my favorite youtubers didn't like both of the locations.

    Edit: And that train yard( another one of my favorites part of this map) was being removed completely and that iTemp hates it so much.

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