Apex Legends Season 11 Gameplay First Look! Ash, CAR, New Map & More!

Apex Legends Season 11 Gameplay First Look! Ash, CAR, New Map & More!

0:00 Apex Legends Escape Preview
0:22 Stormpoint Map & AI Overview
3:17 Ash Overview
5:35 CAR SMG Overview
6:13 Meta Changes (Wattson Buff, New Hop-up)

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  1. im disappointed that the white ash legendary that leaked was actually unfinished. the white looks so much better than the green imo

  2. I hate that the alternator and the spitfire are still in the care package i rather a major nerf then these guns being in the care package

  3. This map may become my new favorite. Ranking would go:
    Kings Canyon/Stormpoint
    World’s Edge
    Olympus (Sorry but the map isn’t all that fun).

  4. Honestly I'm not to worried about that passive needs some tweaking definitely but the same goes for all new characters released in any game either way still super excited for ash

  5. i can not wait to chill on the beach… just to get downed by a charge rifle from the mountain across the map

  6. The important change many players missed is that Respawn made Peacekeeper pellets more sizeable and choke more effective. This could make it good again without boosting it's damage directly. Heck, if they fix Mastiff pellet spread and return Hammerpoints, shotguns could be good again!

  7. You forgot about the Buff that Watson got that make bullets go through her without counting it

    Last few weeks now noticed it only counts about half the shots that connected with a Watson

  8. They tried but the bloodthirsty few will recognize a location and gravitate towards it. We will create our own skull town and it will be laced with the blood of legends.

  9. this ash is not broken balance but the ability see enemy o dead box of enemy is like version AUVs of crypto o crypto's town

  10. ashes portal is still better because you don't have to travel there yourself you just point and click and you are there.

  11. The repeater reload buff was really needed. Too many times have been out gunned because I was one extra bullet shy from a kill. More specifically early game if you like jump into the fray.

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