Apex Legends Mobile: Gameplay Launch Trailer

The next evolution of mobile Battle Royale is here. Become an Apex Champion anywhere with Apex Legends: Mobile, launching on iOS and Android on May 17!

Apex Legends Mobile™ is a free-to-play hero shooter game where legendary characters battle for glory, fame, and fortune on the fringes of the Frontier.

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  1. Been playing for a month now, and can easily say this is one of the best mobile games 💯, but please do optimise Apex Mobile (60fps on more devices) cuz it's got the potential to be the best!

  2. Wasted my fucking money on this fucking trash game! It will only work smoothly on i phone or i pad. Worst is you cant give them a rating on google playstore. Ranked Matchmaking for solo player sucks, worst than mobile legends match making. Smooth playing when you're not engaging in gun fights then would suddenly drops when enemy appears. Fucking trash than trash!

  3. Muy buen juego… Problemas en latam por que el ping es muy alto. Cosa que no pasa en otros juegos en la misme red de Internet.. Sería genial si lo arreglan

  4. Sharing the best kill moments of Apex Legends and Apex Mobile and more. Will you follow? 🤗

  5. Saque una apk para jugar en velulares de 2 de ram yl estaba jugando pero coml se vino la actulizacion no puedo jugar ayudamen por fabor

  6. You really don't want to miss my edits, stakes on me 🤌ignore the thumbnails 😂

  7. if you are playing apex legends for some time you might know that there is a glitch on the big crystal is the middle of the city which is broken. if you land on that crystal on a particular point, you will not be able to move or jump to get out of that crystal and a timer will appear saying get to the battlefield, which you wouldn't be able to. Please fix this bug.

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