ABYSS SPIKE GO BOOOOM | Dredge Paladins Gameplay

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  1. I'm a lvl 225 Dredge and I never use his portals they suk they need a rework hus exploding harpoon is the best especially if the point is crowded a 1000 hit on every one followed by a kraken destroyes

  2. abyss spike is the only way of playing dredge that involves skill since you actually gotta hit ur shots instead of just spamming an ability. random little trick that will probably never come in handy with dredge is: if you are 1v1'ing a makoa, place a working portal then stand behind it – if he hooks you then it will just pull you into your portal and take you to safety.

  3. Abyssal spike is fun but with Hurl you get more sustain and you can shoot from every angle, whereas Dredge's Cursed howitzer is sometimes blocked by map textures. The only way I play Abyssal is with xtra slow on lvl5, which slows enemies insanely of you hit them directly amd they don't have resil.

  4. People don't expect abyss spike to be good but it's op the main issue with scuttle is the people spam and can't hear flanks or they forget to place shortcuts

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