A Look Back At: MVP Baseball 2005 – Gameplay

I finally get around to showing off the gameplay of this great game. Be sure to check out the features of this game in the video below.


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  1. I remember scooping the 2003 version with Randy Johnson and loving it, scoped 2004 with Pujols, played it til my fingers hurt. Then this game dropped, and there was never another baseball game that could even come close to it ever since.

  2. The baseball game that scratches my itch for another MVP baseball game, it's Super Mega Baseball 3. That game is just as fun as this game. Heck, it's the only baseball game I've played since MVP 2005.

  3. Holy fuck as a 10 year old playing I only did the career mode and just played through the season. And I never knew you can literally change the prices of the food and drinks from your ball park lol

  4. The intro for lineups in the first inning gave me chills. I remember playing coop with a friend – us in the same room – comparing lineups and critiquing lineups. I don’t just remember the game but how much fun it was to play with someone there in the same room. Now it’s all online:

  5. I love this game, I didn't play it much despite the fact that I was playing little league baseball at the time but I was a big Madden kid back in the day

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