12 Minutes of Metal Hellsinger Gameplay – Stygia

Check out 12 minutes of Metal Hellsinger gameplay from the latest demo. Featuring the song “Stygia” by Two Feathers, featuring Alissa White-Gluz of Arch Enemy.

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  1. 10:54 was the best part for me

    This is my Most Anticipated game of this year and with soundtrack like that its an easy Day one purchase.

  2. Doom is the son that played football in high school. Metal Hellsinger played snare on the drum line

  3. curious if we only have access to stock generic metal or we can input our own songs into a custom library.

  4. People keep saying DooM clone this DooM clone that, but at the end of the day, don’t you want more badass high-octane demon slaying with insane gore and heavy death metal music styled games? The more the merrier!

  5. This looks so badass! My neck is going to hurt after playing this game. So much headbanging in my future. m/

  6. Played the demo, loved it <3

    You have to shoot in the tact of the music. At the point you reach x16, the vocals set in. If you get hit, it sinks, and the vocals are gone.
    So, keep up the x16 to get all out of the game 😀

  7. Played the demo yesterday and immediately found myself nodding to the music.

    Going to be an immediate purchase!

  8. One slightly annoying thing is that the vocals don't trigger unless you hit that 16X multiplier.

  9. Ddaarrrrrnn Just the soundtrack is enough to get me hooked! Im glad to have fell on this gem news

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